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We hope you will actively participate in Network activities including our annual meeting held during the American Public Health Association annual meeting, Work Groups, Chat Rooms, Resource Center and Website Presence. Collective, the shared experiences and expertise of the group will contribute to technical assistance resources and information for all Network Members. In addition, Members are invited to join one of the following Work Groups, which meet throughout the year by conference call and webinar.

Data Comparability Work Group - goals will include facilitating activities designed to achieve comparability across state population health data and with national data sources. Efforts to promote high-quality data collection by states, based on collaboratively developed standards, and the use of comparable survey questions to ensure a high degree of comparability for key health indicators across states and with federal surveys. Harmonization of a set of key health indicator questions and reasonably comparable data collection methods will generate data that can be directly compared across states and local areas, providing a rich source of information for policy assessment and analysis.

Dissemination, Research and Data Use Support Work Group - goals will include developing guidance for Network staff and others on how to help states with developing dissemination strategic plans that maximize use of the data by state and local policy audiences, including web-based tools and resources; identifying and develop links to facilitate use of state health survey data in public health activities and research, and developing strategic meetings at the Keeneland PHSSR Conference and AcademyHealth annual research meeting to foster collaboration. The work group will also work to expand the utility of population health data on items such as outcomes and access to care when linked to other data sets such as those on the public health infrastructure or the social and health environment.

Policy, Resources, Outreach, and Coordination – goals will include identifying other organizations interested in the Network mission and organizations making large-scale investments in public health data (for example, the National Association of Health Data Organizations, other federal agencies, private organizations), and developing outreach strategy.

Website Design Work Group - activities will include guiding staff on the content and functionality of the Network website.

To join any Work Group, please send an email to Network Coordinator AJ Scheitler, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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