Activities to Support State and Local Health Surveys

Information is Power. Shared Information is More Powerful.

The Network is comprised of survey leaders at various stages of project implementation – from long-standing surveys facing emerging challenges to small surveys looking to expand to groups studying feasibility. We facilitate the sharing of information and resources to provide helpful material and advice to all groups. We serve as a resource for data users, promoting the importance and use of local-level data and research through the website and participation in conferences with relevant constituencies. We invite members to learn from the experience of others as well as contribute to the dialogue surrounding emerging content and challenges in survey administration.


Technical Assistance: Strategic Planning

Network members can offer strategic consultation to project teams in each participating state to help plan projects, build stakeholder support, and obtain initial and sustained funding. Members can support state-based collaboratives to develop a participatory process involving stakeholders to obtain their input and support for the survey in their state, including input on key areas and population groups to sample and key topics to include in the survey questionnaires. We will also help each collaborative develop a funding and political support strategy, including both initial funding and sustaining support.


Technical Assistance: Dissemination Assessment and Planning

Work Group members are gathering resources to help states implement robust dissemination strategies and programs to ensure that states both receive and perceive a good return on their investments in state health surveys. Effective dissemination makes relevant data readily accessible to a wide range of advocates and policy audiences and helps them develop their capacity to use and apply the data in their policy development and advocacy work, including addressing health disparities of all types.

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